Find your Seresto barcode number

Turn your Seresto™ pack over to locate the barcode number which is located in the lower right corner of the label, and is also highlighted below. The 13 digits below the barcode line is the Seresto™ barcode number. Please place this number in the barcode number field.

Scan your Seresto barcode number

If you’d prefer to scan the Seresto™ barcode number rather than enter it manually, click on the camera button and follow these steps below. 

At any time you can close the scanning screen by scrolling down and clicking on the close button.

Step 1

A new screen will open up. Click on request camera permissions.

Step 2

Your phone might ask you if you would allow it to have access to the camera. Click allow to continue.

Step 3

Then select the correct camera. The back camera will be the best camera to scan the barcode number with as you will be able to see the preview on your screen.

Step 4

Click start scanning. Hold your phone up to the barcode number on the back of the Seresto™ pack.

Step 5

When the barcode number has finished scanning, the barcode number will be visible in the field on the form.

Step 6

You’re now finished scanning the barcode number and can continue filling out the rest of the form. Good luck for the draw!

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